Christ Panthocrator

Icon-Atelier of Krystyna Kuś-Kilichowska

Traditionally painted icons with tempera technique and gilded

Christ Panthocrator

height: 32 cm
width: 16 cm
thickness: 2,5 cm

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Hand-written (painted) icon by iconographer M.A. Krystyna Kuś-Kilichowska graduate from Nicolaus Copernicus University, Art Conservation and Restoration Faculty.

Icon written (painted) using old traditional techniques:

  • traditionally painted on a linden wood
  • painted on gesso a number of substrates made from a traditional mix of an animal glue binder and chalk
  • painted in egg tempera technique
  • covered with amber shellac and varnish

Icon Christ Panthocrator

Panthocrator - gr.
God Almighty, Supreme Ruler of everything

Original of the Christ Pantocrator icon, dated to the VI century remains in Saint Catherine's Monastery in Sinai.