Icon-Atelier of Krystyna Kuś-Kilichowska

Traditionally painted icons with tempera technique and gilded

Our Lady of Czestochowa
Black Madonna of Czestochowa

height: 62 cm
width: 47 cm
thickness: 5,5 cm

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Hand-painted (written) icon in iconographic studio by iconographer M.A. Krystyna Kuś-Kilichowska graduate from Nicolaus Copernicus University, Art Conservation and Restoration Faculty.

Icon painted (written) using old traditional techniques:

  • gilded with golden leaves 23.75 karat
  • painted on gesso a number of substrates made from a traditional mix of an animal glue binder and chalk
  • painted in egg tempera technique
  • icon covered with amber shellac and varnish

Icon Our Lady of Czestochowa

Icon Black Madonna of Czestochowa

Icon Our Lady of Czestochowa, Icon Black Madonna of Czestochowa

Icon Our Lady of Czestochowa, Icon Black Madonna of Czestochowa

The history of the picture's arrival are described in extant documents.

One of the oldest documents from Jasna Góra states that the picture travelled from Jerusalem, via Constantinople and Belz to finally reach Częstochowa in August 1382.
That certainly happened due to Władysław Opolczyk, Duke of Opole.

Ladislaus Opolczyk journeying to Silesia with the picture stopped to rest in Czestochowa near the small church on 'Luminous Mount' (Latin: 'Clarus Mons', Polish: 'Jasna Góra').
Here he discerned that Our Lady wished to have the picture remained on this spot.
He thus left the picture at the Luminous Mount's church and invited the white-robed Pauline Fathers from Hungary to be in charge of the shrine.

Tradition dates this event on August 26, 1382.

The earliest document that states about this fact is that issued by Prince Ladislaus Opolczyk erecting the Luminous Mount monastery in 1382.

The next earliest mention of the picture occurs
in the Liber Beneficiorium, the work of Jan Dlugosz, the first Polish historian, some 70-80 years after the picture's arrival at Luminous Mount monastery.

Dlugosz was born and raised near Czestochowa city and often in his childhood visited the Shrine. He writes in his work:
"Our Lady's picture, one of ancient origins and famed for miracles, was brought to 'Luminous Mount' by Opolczyk."